Sale Products

Plascon Paints

A product of Plascon Paints East Africa that provides diffrent types of Plascon Paints that are available at our stores.

Crown Paints

Its the market leader in the Kenya paint industry and our most selling Products.

Basco Paints

Basco Paints holds the prestigious Superbrand East Africa status and offers over 7,000 hues to choose from.

Solai Paints

A product of Solai Paints Ltd is a wholly Kenyan owned paint manufacturing and distributing company started back in 1990.

Kapci Paints

A product of KAPCI Coatings was established in 1985.

Gokul Paints

A product of Gokul Paints Private Limited is a Private incorporated on 10 July 1990.

Mido Paints

A product of Mido Coatings with different coating types.